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Church, A. T. (Ed.) (2017). The Praeger Handbook of Personality across Cultures (3 volumes). Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO/Praeger.


In this three-volume Handbook, prominent scholars from diverse countries review the status of research on personality across cultural contexts. Volume 1, titled Trait Psychology across Cultures, focuses on the cross-cultural study of dispositional traits. Chapters address the extent to which the structure of personality traits is universal versus culture-specific; the accuracy or meaningfulness of trait comparisons across cultures; trait consistency and validity across cultures; the situations across which traits are manifested; and methodological issues dealing with bias and equivalence in cross-cultural personality research. Volume 2, titled Culture and Characteristic Adaptations, focuses on the relationship between culture and other important aspects of personality, including the self, emotions, motives, values, beliefs, and life narratives, as well as aspects of personality and adjustment associated with bilingualism/biculturalism and intercultural competence. Volume 3, titled Evolutionary, Ecological, and Cultural Contexts of Personality, focuses on evolutionary, genetic, and neuroscience perspectives on personality across cultures and ecological and cultural influences and dimensions. The Handbook is unique in bringing together in a single resource the diverse topics and theoretical perspectives in the study of personality across cultures.

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